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no need to share cookie with taxman

19 May 2023

On Go Freedom we love to talk about how to achieve financial freedom. Or "retirement", if that's what you prefer to call leaving behind a salaried life or business you don't enjoy running. But is it possible to achieve this without paying any income tax in retirement? We did some calculations, and the results are surprising.

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Best retirement annuity in SA

Updated 7 February 2023

While searching for the best retirement annuity (RA) in South Africa, you would have heard about the new flexible type of RA. That’s the one you want. And if you’re a fan of passive investing, you’ll also be happy to hear that you now have the option to choose one of these low-cost index trackers as the underlying fund for your new RA. Now where do you go for the best retirement annuity in South Africa?

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tax and the investor

9 March 2022

Tax can get complicated, especially when you invest in foreign companies and ETFs. But if you steer clear of standard taxable investment accounts and stick to a TFSA and a retirement annuity, you only need to remember a few things to easily navigate your path through the tax landscape. I share a recent podcast and my tax and retirement annuities talk on the Easy Equities 'Invest for your Future' webinar with you.

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Best preservation fund in SA

27 August 2021

Last month I did a comparison in the search for the best RA in South Africa. A preservation fund comparison seemed like the logical next step. Currently, the number of preservation funds available for investors who prefer low-cost index trackers is smaller than that for RAs. But you do have some good choices if you’re looking for the best preservation fund in South Africa.

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RA or preservation fund

16 June 2021

When the time comes to leave your employer, preserving as much as possible of your retirement savings for your actual retirement is a priority. But you might need some of the money urgently. How much should you withdraw and how much should you preserve? And to whom and which product should you transfer it: RA or preservation fund? You have more options than you think.

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decision tax free account or retirement annuity

21 December 2020

Few things stop first-time investors as dead in their tracks as needing to make a big decision. Most people know they want to invest tax efficiently, but which one of the two most popular tax wrappers should you sign up for: a tax-free savings account (TFSA) or a retirement annuity (RA)?

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could your older self style it financially part 1

6 October 2019

This blog post is for everybody out there who’s ever played around with a retirement calculator and then got stuck halfway trying to figure out whether they’ll be OK in old age or not. Because investment terms are not that obvious - even for insiders. This week I'm walking you through the Discovery tool step by step.

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How much is enough? Alternatives to the 4% rule

15 August 2019

Are there routes to your financial freedom magic number other than the 4% rule or rule of 300? Because 300 times your monthly expenses is kind of a tall order and maybe you are feeling somewhat 'flat tyres' after reading the previous two posts. Time to look at other formulas that could work better for you when considering how much is enough?

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